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    Duration: 8 days
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Tech savvy developers are now considering Blockchain Ethereum training to dive deep into the second largest platform of cryptocurrency. This training is now being provided through different online learning platforms and in-class facilities. Well known learning portals like [company name], and [company name] are offering this training. Blockchain Ethereum training designed for a developer to know more details about the structure and basic operations of Ethereum. Blockchain Ethereum training helps mostly the backend programmers to earn advanced Dapp development capacity, knowledge on security and Attack Vectors. It also helps programmers to learn using tools like OpenZeppelin, SolCover, Oyente etc. A complete understanding of web3 API, its purposes, functions and how it works with it.

Learning live deployment to kovan testnet and Ethereum Mainnet are two major parts of the training. Programmers with the experience of coding can get the chance to gain solidity experience through this training. The pre-requisite of Blockchain Ethereum training is to have basic knowledge of different operating systems, basic to advanced level of programming experience, knowledge about how git repositories work. Basic knowledge on either HTL or JavaScript or both is a must for anyone who is looking forward to getting the most out of this training.



  • What is Blockchain and how does it work?
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum
  • Smart contract
  • How you can use smart contracts?
  • Advantages of smart contracts
  • Solidity
  • Lab
  • Types of variables in Solidity
  • Public and private code
  • Public variables and functions
  • Private variables and functions
  • Internal functions
  • External functions
  • Smart contract constructors
  • Constant variables
  • Setting variables
  • Lab challenge
  • Installing and running the Ethereum TestRPC
  • Installing web3.js
  • Changing the environment in Remix
  • Creating the UIUsing web3.js to connect and interact with the smart contract
  • Solution
  • Lab challenge
  • AIM
  • Lab
  • The current contract
  • Defining the smart contract event
  • Updating the UI
  • Lab challenge
  • Theory
  • Functions
  • Mapping
  • Structs
  • Lab
  • The smart contract
  • Creating a modifier
  • Using the modifier
  • Web3 UI’s modifier handling
  • Lab
  • Creating a struct
  • Creating the mapping
  • Map addition
  • Get from the mapping
  • The full contract
  • Count from map
  • Lab challenge
  • Theory
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Inheritance
  • Lab
  • Current contract
  • Creating a base contract
  • Changing from strings to bytes
  • Continuing the project
  • Installing MetaMask
  • Deploy contract to the Ropsten testnet network
  • Lab
  • Update the HTML form
  • Update the JavaScript
  • Using the App
  • Lab challenge
  • Blockchain (Ethereum)
  • Decentralized storage (IPFS)
  • Decentralized communication
  • Web technologies
  • Lab
  • Installing Embark framework
  • Hello World with Embark framework
  • First contract deployment with Embark framework
  • Theory
  • What is software testing?
  • Lab
  • Lab challenge
  • Theory
  • Factory
  • Lab
  • Lab challenge
  • Theory
  • IPFS
  • File hosting
  • Lab
  • Get your hosting server
  • Install IPFS on the server
  • Lab challenge
  • AIM
  • Lab
  • Setup the project
  • Program the smart contract
  • Create the front-end of the application
  • Deploy the App with IPFS
  • Lab challenge



Blockchain Ethereum training is not an associate or entry level training. This program is designed for technically skilled people having adequate knowledge and experience of working with programming languages. A comprehensive understanding of computer technology is a must to have pre-requisite for this training program. People with prior experience of working with SAP infrastructure is an added advantage as a participant of Blockchain Ethereum training course. You can also get the most out from this training with some basic to advanced level of understanding on computer networking and enterprise networking.

Dates & Prices

Start Date TimingDaysDuration Mode Of Training Price Reserve Now
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10:00 – 18:00Sunday Only 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Saturday Only 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850
Places available
10:00 – 18:00Monday-Friday 5 WeeksClassroom Based£850


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Our internship programme is designed to help students who have successfully completed the training and give experience in real-time projects.

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